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•Apr.2003---Tongling Jingxun Special Enamlled Wire Co., Ltd was established by   Tongling Jingda
Special Magnet Wire Co., Ltd and Tongling Jingda Copper Materials Group Co., Ltd jointly
•Jun.2004---Key product of 220 class round composite enamelled aluminum wire was  UL recognized.
Dec.2004---Obtained Certificates for ISO 9001 Quality Management System and ISO14001 Environmental Management System.
•Feb.2006---All products satisfied EU directive tested by authority institution
•Sep.2006---Awarded the title of High-Tech enterprise in Anhui Province .
Dec.2006---State Inspection Exemption Product.
•Apr.2007--- Tongling Jingda Special Magnet Wire Co., Ltd. acquired the shares held by Jingda Group, then Tongling Jingxun became a wholly owned subsidiary company of Tongling Jingda.
•Jul.2007---The highest grade “S” class enameled wire developed by Tongling Jingxun was UL recognized.
•Sep.2007---Products were awarded the title of China Famous Brand Products.
•Nov.2008---Obtained the Certificate for OHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System.
•2008---All products are UL Recognized.
•Jan.2009---Won third prize of Science and Technology in Anhui Province.
•Jun.2009—Awarded the title of National High Technologh Enterprise.
•Dec.2010---Invested and constructed the third phase factory of Jingxun Company (newly increased annual capacity by 10,000ton).
•Feb.2012---Products were awarded the title of Anhui Famous Brand Products.
•Jun.2012---Awarded the title of High-Tech Enterprise in China.

•Sep.2014---Obtained Certificates for TS16949 Quality Management System.

Jun. 2015-- Invested and constructed the fourth phase factory of Jingxun Company (design capacity 20,000tons every year)
Dec. 2016-- Awarded the title of “Customs advanced certification enterprise” and “China's export quality and safety demonstration enterprises”
Feb. 2017--- Second workshop in fourth phase factory of Jingxun Company started construction.

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